Senior Software Engineer, Web Performance


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Information Technology
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Seattle HQ
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What's cool about this job

We have a unique opportunity to lead our success, while creating and fostering growth of the engineering community, and bring the technological stack of REI into the future. You'll work across the entire IT and Digital organizations to influence and lead development and product teams in the ways of optimization through web performance quality and delivery of features that enable exceptionally fast customer experiences.  


Is this role you? It is, if you are: 


  • Comfortable participating in and making decisions that impact a wide array of microsites and engineering practices 
  • An Influencer of thinking and development culture, while building teams that are executing visions of the REI roadmap in any number of different areas. 
  • Able to lead development and product teams in the ways of quality and delivery of features that deliver exceptional customer experiences 
  • Experienced with JavaScript libraries and frameworks as well as experience optimizing web applications for performance within other areas (markup optimization, node counts etc..) and know how and when to obsess about impacts to Core Web Vitals. 
  • A proven leader in the space of innovation for the group through exploring new technology, showing others how to leverage those discoveries through proof-of-concept implementations, and incorporating those into the platform where advised 
  • Comfortable driving the definition and adherence to the development culture of the group, with a focus on innovation 
  • Experienced in devising and documenting Web Performance coding standards, preferred and optimized design patterns and development methodologies for the group 
  • Somebody who works with other technical leaders to define a practical technical evolution path, and ensure proper technology choices for the enterprise 
  • A quality mentor who loves to work with other developers, growing their skillset by training them in new technologies, advising areas of study, and teaching them about the standard implementations and patterns 




  • Understand the current experience for our customers 
  • Identify immediate issues, then propose and prototype approaches to resolve them 
  • Put measures in place to ensure performance doesn’t degrade 
  • Define and iterate performance optimizations across our website 
  • Build front-end performance tests that execute as part of a continuous integration pipeline 
  • Develop new features with performance in mind by acting as a consultant and advisor 
Bring your passion and expertise

 Other Skills and Experience: 


  • Experience in web application performance tuning and optimization from the web browser to deployment tools and microservices
  • Experience with implementing performance monitoring, analysis, and testing using tools such as Chrome DevTools, WebPageTest, SpeedCurve, and Lighthouse 
  • Experience visualizing and presenting performance data to the wider team and stakeholders 
  • Deep knowledge of data layer optimization techniques as well as modern bundling and distribution tools such as Webpack and Rollup 
  • Experience developing, release strategy, and distributing changes in a microservice/microsite architecture 
  • (Bonus) Experience leading and mentoring team members, particularly in the area of front-end performance. As a mostly remote team, we’re looking for someone comfortable with asynchronous communication as the default, which means you have previous remote experience and are comfortable using tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to communicate as needed. 


As required by applicable Pay Transparency laws, REI provides a range of minimum compensation for roles that may be hired in locations under these requirements. Factors that may be used to determine your actual salary may include a wide array of factors, including: your specific skills and experience, geographic location or other relevant factors. The salary range for this position may be lower or higher in different markets.

The pay for this role is: $75,000 to $147,500 per year  
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REI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Posting Range
$75,000 to $147,500 per year
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